now presenting: student work!

Yer old buddy i am whaleman may or may not work in a school.  As such, I am privy to things like this:

I’m unclear; does that say Ramp or Rump on the side?  This work is supposed to be “abstract,” but I think they were doing a unit on “suggestive” art.

Here’s another nice piece of artwork:

Well, that appears to be a box of *something*.  What?  I don’t know.  But don’t worry…students write, too.

Well, if they were bad gays, does it count as a hate crime?  That reminds me of this, of course:



3 responses to “now presenting: student work!

  1. That first one definitely says ramp, and it’s obviously a Disneyfied elephant.

  2. *rolls eyes*

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