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the reinwald challenge

So the Reinwald challenged me to figure something out…

I noticed some time ago while watching the following commercial that there’s something goofy about it:

If you watch the whole thing, you’ll notice that when they show the wide shot at the end, the cab driver is not the same guy who is shown singing along inside the cab.  He’s dressed the same, but is a scrawny little dude who is not singing along, unlike the boisterous, Weislike fella who is featured.  Reinwald says he figured out why they have two different drivers.  Here’s my take:

1. As you can see from the following video, the commercial was filmed (as such things tend to be) with the cab on a trailer, not being driven at all.

2. This leads me to believe that one of two things happened: either the guy who was hired to play the cab driver could not drive and was only hired for his otherwordly acting and singing skill, or, since it was filmed in NYC with a real NYC cab, there’s some sort of regulation about who is allowed to drive cabs and they had to employ a secondary stunt cabbie to drive the cab for the one shot where it is actually being driven.

That’s what I’ve got…whatchoo got?


josh mcdaniels didn’t become an asshole all of a sudden

No, really…he’s always been an asshole.  Just look at this picture:

charlie weis thinks he should be fired

In an interview following Notre Dame’s latest loss, which dropped the Irish to 6-5 on the year (and 35-26 during his tenure), Charlie Weis said he probably ought to be fired.

“If they decide to make a change, I’d have to say I’d have a tough time arguing with that. If they decide to make a change, I’d have a tough time arguing that because 6-5 is not good enough.  Especially when you’ve lost five games by a touchdown or less and several three-point games that went right down to the wire.”

“Plus,” Weis said, “This job is really effing hard.  Do you know how much stuff they expect me to do?  And if they fire me, they have to give me a buttload of money [between $10 and $21 million, depending on which report is accurate].  Do you know how much a buttload is?  No?  Because it’s a lot.  Not quite as much as a shitload…but a lot.”

Weis made some of these comments in response to a question in which the reporter quoted Weis’ interview after being hired by Notre Dame to replace Ty Willingham.  Here’s what Weis said at the time:

“You are what you are, folks, and right now you’re a [black guy]. And guess what? That’s just not good enough. That’s not good enough for [Notre Dame], and it’s certainly not going to be good enough for me.”

While Weis has little chance of becoming a black guy, he’s also a sucky coach with an extraordinary fupa (see below).  Weis was also asked if he would consider resigning.

“No, that’s not happening,” he said. “Remember what I said about that buttload of money?  I don’t get that if I quit.  Are you stupid?  Do you know how buyouts work?”  Weis then excused himself, saying he had to go get in “Thanksgiving shape.”


What is he hiding in those pants? Share your thoughts in the comments.




the awesome state of cu football

Anybody see that CU-OSU game last night?  Was I the only one that was shocked by CU actually being somewhat…you know…competitive?  Man, they suck.  I mean, way less since Coach’s Little Guy was relieved of his quarterbacking duties…but still.  And the Dan Hawkins tenure really has been awesome (if you’re a Nebraska fan).  But don’t worry…it’s  going to continue for a couple more years, if you believe this report.  Awesome, right?  Since they gave him that extremely ill-advised extension, he’s signed for another three seasons!  What’s the deal with teams giving extensions to crappy coaches at stupid times, anyway?  I mean, to me, the only reason to give a coach a fat extension is because he’s doing a great job and you’re worried that he’ll be snatched up by another program.  At the time of Hawkins’ extension, he had led the Buffs to a magnificent 8-17 record.  Quick!  Give him more money!  I mean, it wasn’t as bad as this extension…but still, it’s bad.

Now, last night during the game, CU alum Chris Fowler was talking about how he can’t possibly imagine that Colorado will even consider keeping Hawkins around…and Fowler said that he’s told by people in the program that the money is, in fact, there.  So I guess we’ll see.

The Buffs are on a stellar run with coaches, though…the last three have been Neuheisel, Barnett, and Hawkins.  Good grief, that’s bad.  It’s like they were all involved in a wager to see who could run the program furthest into the ground.  At least Hawkins doesn’t have any major NCAA violations (yet), but it’s not like he needs ’em.  He picked up right where Barnett left off.  Way to go, fellas!

Oh, and one more CU thing.  Check out this story about a CU player’s blog.  Now that’s good times.

Wait, one more.  Check out this stupid shirt being offered by Nebraska’s team store.  First, that shirt looks like it was produced in 1989 rather than 2009.  Second, Rivalry Renewed?  What the hell does that mean?  The only reason this game’s gonna be close is because both teams are a complete waste of space…and when they win (which, let’s get real, they probably will), will that really help ‘Skers fans forget about 62-36?  Doubt it.  (And yeah, I think that was Li’l Dougie at that game.  So sad.)

i love this video

…and you should too.  Watch the awesomeness.  Happy Friday!

friday fantastique!

If you’re not excited about Fantastic Mr. Fox, you probably don’t have a soul.  Here are some awesome things:

Check out the awesome videos at

Go here to sign up for free passes to a screening on Tuesday.  Who doesn’t want to see an awesome movie for free?  That site has some other awesome stuff as well.

one more thing about o’dowd

Alright, this is probably the last thing about Dan O’Dowd and why he is not awesome.  Well…maybe not.  But in the wake of The Freak winning his second consecutive Cy Young yesterday, I just couldn’t stop thinking about this…

In the 2006 MLB amateur draft, the Rockies, drafting 2nd overall, selected Stanford pitcher Greg Reynolds.  Reynolds’ major league career has thus far featured 13 starts, a sparkling 2-8 record with a stellar 8.13 ERA and 22 Ks vs. 26 BBs in 62 innings.  Overall he’s been worth, as a major leaguer, -0.5 WAR and negative 2.4 million dollars for the Rockies.

In the 2006 MLB amateur draft, the Giants, drafting 10th overall, selected Washington pitcher Tim Lincecum.  Lincecum’s major league career has thus far featured 89 starts, a mediocre 40-17 record with a middling 2.90 ERA and 676 Ks vs. 217 BBs in 599 innings.  Overall he’s been worth, as a major leaguer, 18.9 WAR and EIGHTY-THREE-POINT-NINE MILLION DOLLARS for the Giants.  Also, he’s won back-to-back Cy Young awards.

If you’d like, you may view a comparison of the total stats of these two players from college through the bigs here.  Me, I won’t be looking again as it makes my brain hurt to think about the Rockies one-two punch of Lincecum and Ubaldo.  You can say whatever you like about the draft being a crapshoot, but look at their college numbers, for cryin’ out gleven!  I think only two words can describe this situation: